About frübi

How frübi Was Born

  • The Covid-19 pandemic brought about one of the most drastic changes that we’ve experienced in terms of how we do business. For many small businesses (including ours), it meant closing our physical doors and pursuing a virtual business model that could exisit within the context of a global pandemic.
  • We recognised that many small businesses were going through the same crisis and we wanted to find a way that we could use our experiences to help them get online and reach their customers as quickly as possible.
  • frübi - a mash-up of the words “frugal” and “business”, was born, and it aims to empower small businesses within the Caribbean with the tools to be successful in a digital world. Now, anyone with an idea, or an established business, can begin selling online with just a few clicks.


  • The creators of the TickeTing Events App, and Pocket Antigua have forged a partnership and we’re taking all the things that we’ve learned from our varying experiences and bringing them together.
  • With TickeTing we ushered in a new wave of online shopping in Antigua and Barbuda while with Pocket Antigua, we grew the reach of businesses to their customers impacting their bottom line.
  • Now, with frübi we are aiming to give every business in Antigua and Barbuda, and the wider OECS, the opportunity to take advantage of the new digital economy that has been thrust upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meet Our team


Ashton Fearon

Business Development


Sven James

Software Engineer


N'Kenge Drew

UX Designer


Charles Edwards

Software Engineer


Brent O'Keiffe

Financial Manager


Michelle Mullin

Risk Management Consultant