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It’s the new norm, manage your business online without breaking a sweat. Send digital invoices, open your store online, or integrate your existing website with our API.

Why choose frübi?

If you’re a small business, every cent counts. With frübi you can maximise your cashflow and delight more of your customers.

Grow your customer base

Social distancing means more customers are doing their business online. Reach your customers anywhere in the world.

Beat fraud

Our fraud detection algorithms can help protect your business and prevent loss of revenue.

Close more deals

Send digital invoices directly to your customers for immediate payments with their credit or debit card.

Settle faster

Withdraw funds to your chequing/savings account and get it settled within 2 business days*. And with local payment processing, you don’t lose revenue on foreign exchange.

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Create an account now, and start accepting payments in just a few clicks. Or, contact us for more information.

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You’ll always know how much you’re paying, no hidden fees.